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See you in 2015

Last night's Last Wish was the last performans of the 12th Naked Stage, International Festival of Improvisational Theatre. In five days we have put on display 10 amazing performances and one festival workshops presenatiton.

We are happy Naked Stage is back after a year of hitaus and we hope that one of the creativly most important impro festival in Europe will develop in the future years. Despite a difficult financial situation in the field of Slovenia's culture we have managed to carry out most of the planned ideas - specially with the help of a lot of voluntary work. The ...

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Last Wishes

The last day of 12th Naked Stage is upon us in with it a triple-program:
- 5 p.m. Festival Workshops Presentation - there were four impro workshops happening at Naked Stage and at the end of them the students will show what they've learned
- 7 p.m. Meta impro - a show about shows and a very personal view on improvisation with Maja Dekleva Lapajne, Marko Mayerl, Inbal Lori and Hannu Risku
- 9 p.m. Last Wish - the ending show with our international impro cast. Every wish counts!

Don't miss the last minutes of Naked Stage ...

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Kranj Calling!

Naked Stage's base city is of course Ljubljana. The festival has never been moved from Slovenia's capital in the past years, but impro is not alive only in Ljubljana! That's why the idea is to pack up our bags for a day in each of the following years and the first town to host Naked Stage is of course Kranj, Slovenia's second city of impro.

Prešernovo gledališče Kranj will host two great impro desserts:
- at 7 p.m. Canadian impro rock star Lee White will be taking the stage with Your 15 Minutes of Fame. It is a sparkling ...

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Time to Debate!

The third evening of Naked Stage 2014 wil showcase a solo show and a duet. Inbal Lori, an Israeli performer will take through a therapy session at 19.00 in her mono masterpiece Fragments Life. You will absolutely enjoy her endless energy, juicy characters and tense stories!

And at 21.00 it's time for Old Friendship, New Love program, part II. Lee White (Crumbs, Canada) and Gregor Moder (Kolektiv Narobov, Slovenia) agree they disagree... in almost everything. That's all we can say - see the rest ...

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An interview with the festival's artistic director

Yesterday the Multimedia center of the Slovenian national television and radio company held and interview with Maja Dekleva Lapajne, festival's artistic leader.

If you know a bit of Slovene or are satisfied with Google translate, you can read the interview more >>

The 12th Naked Stage is officially opened

Naked Stage, 12th festival of improvisational theatre if officialy opened! Last night an enthusiastic crowd was served with two great shows - Slow impro by Compagnie Combats Absurdes and Tandem by the international festival crowd. After a year of abscence the international festival mingling in Slovenia has been revived and we are delighted to see impro masters of spontaneity from France, Finland, Israel, Canada and of course Slovenia at work again.

We will have reports and photos on our website soon. In the meantime you can see the shows live - only four days ...

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An Introduction to the 12th Naked Stage

Naked Stage is back. It will stay. It persists. We have lost it for a year due to difficult financial-production situation in which it found itself along with many other valuable artistic projects. The difficult financial situation of KUD society posed a great blow for the whole Slovene improvisational theatre production. The impro scene, which is marginal to begin with, had to be relocated to several places, try even harder for connection between various impro projects, look for new audience and function in rather undernourished and inferior conditions. This situation has again confirmed that Naked Stage is essential. And ...

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Naked Stage 2014

Naked Stage, 12th International Festival of Improvisational Theatre, will take place from 19 to 23 November in Ljubljana and Kranj, Slovenia. In twelve years, Naked Stage has taken its place as one of the most important festivals for improvisational theatre in Europe. It's a small, but pervasive festival, commited to its goals: to manifest a selection of the most interesting and influential current improvisational productions, to bring improvisers together in one place to collaborate and experiment with each other and to share their knwoledges and views about improvisation and other artforms.

We cordially invite you to join us this ...

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